County Tax Solutions


Bankruptcy Manager
Aids in monitoring bankruptcies (Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13) from a county property tax perspective, Includes collection and payment schedule tracking. A complete forms/documents package for bankruptcy filings. Reports for daily, weekly and monthly case monitoring are provided.



Bulk Transfers Manager
Aids in the tracking of a Country’s creditor claim in a Bulk Transfer/Sales of Assets action. Tracks delinquent or due and payable unsecured property taxes against the property to be transferred. Prints the “Official Notice of Creditor’s claim in Bulk Transfer” notice.



Clearances Manager
Aids in the management and maintenance of Tax Clearance Certificates for mobile & floating homes. Allows the printing of the Conditional and Final Tax Clearance Certificates. Reports for tracking Unallocated/unapplied funds, fees, and payments are included.



Judgments Manager
Manages the issuance and tracking of Judgments for delinquent County property taxes. Tracks taxes, penalties, fees, and costs. Prints a full “Judgment” document package (Abstract/Writ of Execution etc.) with one click.