Judgments Manager


Manages the issuance and tracking of Judgments for delinquent County property taxes. Tracks taxes, penalties, fees, and costs. Prints a full “Judgment” document package (Abstract/Writ of Execution etc.) with one click.

  • Your county logo is on the official documents
  • Multi-user ready




Screen shots

Main Judgments Browse

Main Judgments Browse








The Bankruptcy Document Package is a single mouse click away.Documents include…

  • Tax Collector Certificate
  • Judgment Abstract
  • Letter of Intent
  • Writ of Execution
  • Satisfaction Notice
Judgment Edit Form

Judgment Edit Form


Reports – Reports for daily, weekly and monthly monitoring are provided.

Reports include…

  • All “Intents”
  • All Judgments
  • “Paid” Judgments
  • “Unpaid” Judgments
  • “Storage Box” contents report